About Us

Harvest Wealth, LLC was created as a way to make a bigger impact on both clients and associates alike. It is the product of a true labor of love and years of experiences, lessons, and growth

Marium-Webster defines the word Harvest as "The act or season of gathering crops". 

As an ode to the beauty and success that come from harvest season, 

Harvest Wealth, LLC was born. 

Harvest season isn't always pretty - It is often long hours, time away from loved ones, difficulty with machinery, drought, and the potential of so many more complications. Leading up to harvest season, one must sacrifice and budget heavily. 

Every decision and possible outcome is heavily weighed and considered. 

Harvesting wealth means doing the same thing:



Hard Work

All for the greater gain that only comes from a good plan and even better execution:

Protection of Family

Protection of your Future

Get to Know Your Financial Advisor:

Maura A. Cruse

State License - PA894778 

National Producer Number - 19162288

Harvest Wealth, LLC is owned and operated by Maura Cruse, a state licensed professional, who is dedicated to ensuring your family achieves the goals they set out to pursue. 

Having always had a high expectation to what 'was possible' in life, Maura has owned her own businesses since she was a junior in high school. Without allowing excuses to weigh her down, she has lived with one mentality in mind for her success and perseverance:

"Find a way or make a way; Either way, it's mine!"

You can count on her to do the same for you and your family. Whether it is finding the best coverage options, to lean on when circumstances change, or to be a mentor as you begin your own financial services career - We are here!

Married her high school sweetheart, Tim Cruse.

Has a passion for the Outdoors and Agriculture

Has functioned as a business consultant for 11 years

Attended college at Penn State - We Are!